Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My Tuesday So Far

I woke up early today . . . 5:30ish and couldn't fall back to sleep. I think I managed to jump out of bed around 6:30am. Sometime after that I went to Safeway to purchase coffee and half-n-half, came home and read some Religious Affections, and took Ashton and Anna to school. Once Sue and Elliott got up, we ate breakfast and headed off to Kindergarten together. I enjoy hanging with Elliott's class, and Mrs. Flint is an amazing teacher, but a hour and half is all I can manage when it comes to the Kinder folk.

This afternoon, I started working on the second chapter of the Pilgrim Group. It is on identity. In particular, the identity that comes from Christ when we choose to believe in Him. I notice a few problems with the questions in the bible study. Some of them need more explanation or were written with a different translation of scripture in mind. More importantly, I was struck by Peter's explanation of my identity in Christ. If I become a living stone . . . part of the temple of God - built with Jesus as the corner stone - I am choosing to become a foreigner in this land. All of a sudden this world is not where I belong. The value systems of world are not mine, and yet, Peter encourages me to not be a troublemaker in this world so that the world will praise God when he appears. (1 peter 2)

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