Thursday, 10 February 2011

Websites of the Week

Net Bible: I like this bible translation
Open Audio: Copyright going old school. None of that Creative Commons stuff.
NT Wright Page: I visit this page often. Can't get enough of good old NT. He definitely influences the way I think about the New Testament.
Corrie Wise: This girl knows how to write - plus she goes to my church.

O.k., so I have a terrible case of "Spring Fever." All I want to do is take naps in the park, take long walks, sit and drink coffee on the porch, sword fight with my son, and tease and tickle my 9 year old daughter.

Tomorrow and Saturday are going to be long days. On Friday I have a Pilgrim Group in the morning, a strategy meeting with Rod and James, Pilgrim Group at lunch time, and High School Group dinner is at my house. On Saturday the family has a baby shower and two birthdays to attend and shuffle kids to. I'm also cooking for church on Sunday evening, and I'm also doing the cooking for Friday Night.

Plus, I have a song in my head that I need to write, but that's gonna take some time.

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Corrie said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Eric...I appreciate it! - Corrie :)