Monday, 7 March 2011

The Long Thought

I've often wondered why! What?! Yet none of these questions get much of an answer. Why am I so angry? Why do thoughts randomly take over my mind. As I enter the process of fasting during this Lenten season - I am struck by my own distaste for myself and all who are around me. My darkness oozes out of all the pores of the flesh that is simply a poor cage for my soul.

The "Bell" is ringing and the "Piper" is sounding the alarm. Rob has drawn his sword and John his Light Sabre. Michigan, is out of its league, and Minnesota's sky is falling. Sin is a declaration of war, and God will have his glory one way or another - and with the crushing fist of love He will win. Beware Universalist, the Holiness of God cannot be wrapped in the cuddly blanket of John 3:16; and my dear Calvinist - God's love does not only appear in a bloody Jesus. Alas, maybe someone will Wright the ship.

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone a justification for the lies they believe. No one the humility to listen. All are heretics wrapped in orthodoxy, piety, and self. The here and now, the tomorrow, and the last dominates most of our time and space. The cup is cold and warm, but it is not very hot. My friend suffers. His family suffers. Pray


Ada said...

Hi Eric,

I saw the link to your blog on Facebook and thought I would check it out and say hi. I agree with your sentiments about the Bell/Piper debate. It may be true that Bell leans toward universalism, but it is totally inappropriate in my opinion for Piper and other prominent teachers to jump the gun and issue a public rebuke before even reading his book! It is a really sad commentary on the state of the church if you ask me. Some teachers in the church seem more concerned about being doctrine cops than anything else...

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Woops... Was logged in to my wife's account. Chad