Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Code reDox

Sickness finds the heart and eats at our souls. The music plays and the voice sings only a small part. Sleeping beauty snug as bug sleeps slowly in a raspy sorta way. The light is so bright - my head hurts at levels yet to be determined. Why is the problem so ambiguous? A general disturbance in the force that is simply focused on last night. Hatred, fear, and anger fill the body so quickly, building a fortress yet to be conquered. The table is set. Words of definition sing their melody so clearly. Darkness speaks with such precision. I'd be fool to not listen, to drink deeply of such hatred. The cool wind of fresh perspective wipes over me. The dirty hole I dig is deep and cold and repetitive. Truth is just a whisper, a story for me to remember and call my own. Prince, son, and conquering hero call my name, but the blood - it is everywhere - pooling at my feet and moving towards my knees. The singing ringing in my ears is calling brokenness to its end. It is finished. The Fairy Tale is over and the war has begun. Ninja, samurai, and the voice that sings must be redeemed with a crushing carrot like stake of pure light. Hay, Ya, woo, please make me what I am. The light is bright. The heart is good and I've found my home.

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