Friday, 26 July 2013

A Table

The long hard journey. . . one foot in front of the other.  Tell us a story about yesterday.  Tell us why you find happiness in such uneasy places.  The event happens.  The mind shuts down.  The chemicals fire and the heart begins to flutter.  You are a failure a voice says.  Why do you make the same old decisions. Your teachers were right.  You are never going to succeed.  Shut it all down.  Eat some ice-cream.  No one really understands you.  You don't need to please people.  They don't care about you anyway.

Wait . . . Yes, you were a failure. I died for failures.  You still fail.  I rose for the "still failing."

Stand-up . . . Put on the cloak of brotherhood.  Stand-up!  Put on the robe of the double-portioned son.

Go.  Confess all to your King.  Go.  Show compassion to all who surround you.


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