Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I'm Called to Tatooine

It is hot and sunny in Tatooine.  People run and hid from the monsters that roam the land at night.  Homeless short people with odd clothes deal in stolen bicycles.  The city is confused.  Its government is the evil Empire.  Its rulers, fat old slugs from a by-gone time that slither around and hope that no one with half-a-brain notices them.  I'm called to Tatooine.  I was told to build a monastery in the sand.  Fight against the shifting dirt the voice said.  Take up the shovel, take up the robe, and strap on your sword for we are going to war.  The Empire will always rule, and slugs will always slide.  But, in Tatooine you will find me.  I'm not far away.  If you search the ancient neighborhoods you will find me.  My walls are old.  My sign is new.  The coffee is good, and the is food divine.  Inside the voice is calling out.  Resist the sand.

I'm called Tatooine. 

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Layne Julia said...

I LOVE this...it's being hung in the back room of my classroom