Saturday, 13 July 2013

Saturday Mornings - Streaming

Hot and Muggy.  Sun go away.  Clouds come and make Tucson overcast and grey.  Lost on most - the motivational winds that carry us through minor accomplishment.  The sounds of the buzzy bugs is just down right bothersome.  Sleepy children dreaming of August 1st - the dreaded back-to-school day - when their little bodies must rise like zombies to have their brains filled with numbers, letters, and bullies.

Church - people - struggle - music - life.  The contemplation of meaning grabs a hold of tired souls.  We all run.  We all slide.  We all fall down.  Who will lift us?  Will we let Him, or should the stiff arm of stubborn silliness tickle our ever numbing brain into an evil resistance that owns us.  The responsibility is crushing us.   No . . . don't leave us.  Don't let your fear and the voices control you.  No, the word that Nancy Reagan gave us.  It has power.  Yell it in the demon's direction.  Pronounce it over the chaos that threatens to consume you.  There is no temptation that has seized you . . . God is faithful.

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