Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Another Blog On Parenting

A few quick thoughts on parenting. I believe your effectiveness as a parent is directly connected to the health of your marriage. I think that there are hundreds of techniques that work to modify your children's behavior. They usually work if you put a little energy into them and you are consistent. But the sin and struggle that your children experience later in life will be connected to the sin in your marriage. If you are secretive about your struggles in your relationship with your spouse, your children will struggle with shame, and they will be resistant to honesty. If it is obvious to your children that Jesus isn't the center of your marriage. It will be difficult for them to have Jesus as the center of their lives. If Dad and mom aren't affectionate publicly, then the children will struggle with giving and receiving love. If your children have figured out that they are a priority over and above mom or dad, they will turn into very manipulative and entitled adults.



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