Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A Writing Exercise

Everything changes.  The evolved maturity grabs hold of foolishness and squeezes the life out of the primordial self.  We cannot let go of ourselves.  We cannot understand our own meaning without the other.  The mind continually gives commands that we have no knowledge of or care to get involved in.  The imperfect person changed is not necessarily the perfect person presented.  The new person is only a darker more frustrating individual who can now see a little better.  The Loss of our routine and the way it used to be only accentuates the empty alone feelings that haunt our inner man.  Most of us refuse to look, and those of us who do, can only gasp in horror and fright.   The abyss, bottomless, is a trail of tears, loss, and hopelessness.  The fall is terrifying.  Run my friend! Run into the smoke of darkness and rubber, because this murky place is your destruction.  Your mind decolonized and undone.  All that is left is our surrender to the inner warrior that is calling us, prodding us, insisting that life is lived at the bottom of the ooze. 

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