Monday, 12 August 2013

For My Sister In-Law: a writing exercise. Can you follow the taco?

Lovely summer heat.  Hot Volvo on long ride to mustard brown outside of the city.  Tomato, garlic, hot . .  salt and corn.  Busy stories of calamity and near misses.  Tired.  Parents.  Running.  Yummy, salty joy in a cup.  Smiles and laughter.  The navy man has lit his pipe.  The funny boat stories have started . . . movie reviews, restaurant analysis, tacos-beans-rice.  Food coma heaven has arrived and father wants to know if he can go yet.  No.  chocolate first.  Birthday boy speech.  Did he ever answer the question?  Master thinker.  More ice-cream please.  Quiet. Spin the bottle.  Dad says No.  What? NO.  Tall gangly 12 year-old girls tower of over their counterparts.  Silly boys.  Dog tired.  Man tired.  Well fed.  Thank You.  your Brother. 

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