Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Tribute to my Brother

The Candyman. The chocolate dictator. Ruler of Cobra Commander.

Memories - long hours of building - forts, traps, and weapons. The many uses for duck tape, handcuffs, scorpions. We stood side by side against the tyranny of the desert. We rode our bikes and dug deep into the sand. Underground, we dreamed of worlds that our tire swing could take us.

Music man. Night dweller. Poet and friend. We are not the droids . . . Benji, Benji, Park. The Seattle experience. Great cigarette pics.

Father. Husband. Beautiful family. God seeker. Lover of wife. Rental King. The man of a deal. Provider for the down trodden. Follower of Jesus . . . Gospel man.

Happy Birthday Joel


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