Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Myth of Endless Energy

To all those type "A" people.  To the ones who get a lot more done than the rest of us.  To all wide-eyed hopeful people of industry.  I tip my glass, and then I take a nap.  Sleepy.

I wonder often . . . Were we all so anxious 100 years ago?  I wonder often . . . How do I rise and build?  How do I bend my back and lean into all that I've been called to?  How do I work with purpose?  How does one build the kingdom?

Fight.  Fight for my wife, kids, and church.  The Enemy plots against us.  He despises God, but we must stand our ground.  The horn must be blown.  The Enemy is on our door step.  The Father - our God - is our shield and spear.  We fight for our families with the weapons of our God.  Oh God, be our shield and spear.

Jesus help us make it through the night.  At the cross we sit.  Hopeful for your return.  Hopeful for your relief.  God is our refuge.  Fear is as high as mountains, but a river flows to our mouths.  Stillness is all I have.  The Spirit of God stands with me.  The weight of life is relieved in the city.  The strength of God is under my right and left arm.  The Kingdom will not fall.  The Stream.  It makes me Glad.  It will not fall.

Our hearts must meet God.  No more hiding.  A full accounting of our secret idols must be proclaim.  But God's words are often met with resistance and emptiness.  Show us the ancient ways.  Meet us at the cross roads.  At the cross roads our walls fall and the good way is revealed.  Look, Ask, and Walk . .  for you will find rest for your soul.

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